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Eyebrow Treatment

3D Microblading

3D microblading is an excellent way to enhance sparse or patchy brows. At Creations Art and Beauty, we can give you a gorgeous arched brow uniquely suited to your face. 

Our microblading expert will design a brow shape that suits your face and personal style. Our goal is to help you achieve the brows of your dreams through eyebrow shaping and cosmetic tattooing. We use short, thin strokes of the needle to create the appearance of hairs. We add hairs to fill out your brows and change their shape.

All our artists are trained and licensed in microblading, giving them the skills to be precise and efficient. Before we get to work, we apply a topical anesthetic to make the process more comfortable. We also work as gently as possible. 

Unlike other tattoos, cosmetic tattoos use semi-permanent ink that lasts for years but gradually fades over time. It can last up to three years, but it fades the fastest for people with oily skin. We can provide a touch-up if your brows are fading but you want a boost.

For a less permanent option, we recommend eyebrow tinting. Tinting your brows darkens light hairs that may not be visible and makes your brows look more defined. 

Call today to schedule your appointment at our spa in Temecula, CA!

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