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Scalp Pigmentation

Thinning hair can seriously affect your confidence and leave you feeling self-conscious. Scalp pigmentation is an easy, affordable alternative to hair plugs and other options. Creations Art and Beauty provides professional scalp pigmentation services.

We can tattoo your scalp to fill in sparse areas using techniques similar to microblading and permanent eyeliner. However, this technique uses permanent ink instead of the semi-permanent ink used for brows and eyes. That means it has similar results to other body tattoos. 

Adding pigment to thinning areas can make your hair look fuller and prevent people from noticing bald spots. Instead of seeing a bare scalp, they will see pigment that blends in with the rest of your hair. 

We can apply tiny dots that mimic hair follicles, giving you the appearance of a full head of hair. If other treatments aren’t working fast enough, this will give you immediate results so you can feel confident again.

Experts recommend this procedure for:

Thinning hair
Covering scalp scars

Our experts are as gentle with your skin as possible, applying topical anesthetics to make the process more comfortable. We will also show you how to care for your new pigmentation and maintain it for as long as possible.  

 Call us today to learn more about the procedure and set up a consultation at our studio in Temecula, CA!

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