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Eyebrow Threading

Threading is an increasingly popular way to remove unwanted hair. Eyebrow threading is particularly popular, and it has been used for centuries to create gorgeous arches. Creations Art and Beauty offers professional threading to give you sharp, perfectly-groomed brows.

Even if you have had microblading or other eyebrow services done, you will still need to touch up your brows occasionally to remove stray hairs. Threading is the most precise way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. This hair removal process is gentle on your skin and can easily pull out even the finest hairs. Plucking and waxing brows doesn’t allow the same careful shaping.

After months of threading, you may notice hair grows more slowly and in a finer texture. That’s because threading pulls out the hair root, weakening it over time.

If you’re thinking about switching from waxing to threading, our spa is the perfect place to try it. Our threading experts will show you the full potential of brow threading. Get in touch today to make your appointment for threading in Temecula, CA! We are also open to hosting group sessions, parties, and private sessions. 

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