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Lip Blush 

If you wear lipstick every day, you know the difference a tinted lip can make in your appearance. Permanent makeup gives you a permanent tint for a youthful look. Lip blush adds a rosy glow to your pout that boosts your appearance without looking over the top. 


Creations Art and Beauty provides lip blushing that enhances your natural appearance, making your face look brighter. If your pale lips sometimes make you look sickly or tired, this is the perfect solution. Even when you don’t have time to put lipstick on, you’ll look fresh and alert when you go to work or run errands.


We can also outline your lip line for more definition and a slightly fuller look. Our lip blush expert will line your lips carefully, improving the shape without totally changing it. They can emphasize a cupid’s bow or balance out asymmetrical lips.


Just like microblading, this type of cosmetic tattoo lasts for years but eventually fades away. Our team can touch up your lips as they fade to keep them looking their best. We’ll use a color that suits your skin tone.


Contact us to learn more about the services we offer at our Temecula, CA spa!

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