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Permanent Brow Removal

If your permanent brows are old, faded, or don’t reflect your style anymore, it may be time to remove them. Creations Art and Beauty has the expertise to remove microblading and leave your brow area looking fresh. We understand that after a bad experience with cosmetic tattooing, you may want to get a fresh start by completely removing the ink. 


Old 3D microblading tattoos can change hue as the ink fades. Sometimes it leaves a greenish or orangish pigment behind. If your brows have faded to an undesirable shade, you can get them touched up or have them removed. 


Some of our clients have microblading that is uneven, doesn’t fit their face shape, or reflects old trends. At our spa, we can remedy any permanent brow issues.


We use a tried and tested saline treatment that will flush out the pigment. Depending on the type of microblading you have had done, you may need multiple treatments to remove the ink completely. Unlike laser tattoo removal, there’s no risk of hair loss or skin scarring. 


We are the leading brow removal clinic in the Temecula, CA area! Call us today to learn more about this procedure.

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