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 Permanent Eyeliner

Many women wear eyeliner every day of their lives, spending hours each week getting their makeup just right. Creations Art and Beauty offers quality permanent makeup services. Permanent eyeliner will define your eyes and ensure you look polished even if you don’t have time to apply liner.

The idea of getting a tattoo near your eye may be intimidating, but over the years, cosmetic tattoo experts have perfected the technique. We apply a topical anesthetic that makes the process painless. Our team works efficiently, and we can complete your new look in about an hour.

Our spa has a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere so you can relax while getting your makeup done. Upper eyeliner is our most popular service, and we can apply makeup that perfectly matches your style. We also offer lower eyeliner, and our goal is to replicate your favorite makeup look, whether you prefer winged liner or a thin line.

If you’re interested in permanent makeup, you can book a consultation with our expert. We will discuss how to prepare for your session and how to handle the healing process. If you use skin care products like retinol that make your skin more sensitive, we ask that you stop using them one week before your appointment.

Call today to get a quote for permanent liner at our spa in Temecula, CA! Our goal is to make you look and feel glamorous.

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